I am an experienced engineer, developer evangelist, and accessibility expert. I lead the accessibility efforts for Intuit's desktop, web, and mobile products. I was the co-leader of Intuit’s Special Needs and Abilities network for employees and promote Intuit’s diversity in hiring programs.  Prior to Intuit, I co-founded the Yahoo! Accessibility Lab and worked on some of Yahoo’s largest web sites.



2012 - Present | Global Accessibility leader

I manage accessibility across Intuit products. I also lead accessibility education, design, and work with out legal and HR teams to promote an inclusive workspace. I co-founded Intuit's Special Needs and Abilities Network.

I founded Intuit's Front-End Engineering Summit, Bangalore Accessibility Week, and represented Intuit at conferences and international working groups for accessibility.

2020 Web4All Conference

Conference General Co-Chair

Responsible for coordinating the conference.

2019 Web4All Conference

Local Conference Chair

Responsible for coordinating events with local organizations and social gatherings. This includes the annual hackathon and ceremonial dinner.

World Wide Web Consortium - Accessibility Platform Architects

2016 - 2018 | Intuit representative

Represent Intuit within discussions of accessibility within the W3C Standards.


2005 - 2012 | Accessibility Researcher, Front End Engineer, Technology Evangelist

I built a reputation at Yahoo! for being a hard-working engineer that delivers projects on time and able to reach out to assist others. I’ve been the lead front-end engineer for most projects. I have represented Yahoo! at many conferences and events as a Technical Evangelist.

Yahoo! Accessibility Lab (2010-12)

I co-founded the Yahoo Accessibility Stakeholders Group in 2006, which eventually became the Yahoo! Accessibility Lab. I worked with Yahoo teams to ensure product accessibility, this included QA testing, prototyping, research, education, and documentation.

  • Managed accessibility development for iOS: MarketWatch, Yahoo! Search, Tourney, and several applications yet to be released.
  • Managed web accessibility for Yahoo Maps, Finance, Search, News, and Flickr.
  • Accessibility audit of major Yahoo! web sites, including bug documentation and prototype solutions.
  • Provided education to developers, designers, and QA engineers on accessibility.
  • Managed development of Yahoo! Accessibility web site, authored 70+ articles, contributed to the lab’s Facebook and Twitter strategy, and produced 24 videos for YouTube.
  • Submitted conference proposals and coordinated presentations, including CSUN and Web 2.0.

Yahoo! Developer Network, Yahoo! University Relations (2007-12)

As an International YDN evangelist, I presented to engineers about Yahoo! products and services. I represented Yahoo! France for developer outreach programs. I was a lead for several Hack University events, including technical presentations.

Yahoo! Finance News (2009)

This high-priority project replaced an outdated platform with a robust, flexible news site. It was released in 20+ countries. As the lead front-end engineer, I designed the front-end structure, localization, and advertisement strategies.

Yahoo! Global Finance (2007-10)

Restructuring of Yahoo! Finance to be launched in multiple countries as a single code base. I led the front-end engineering of Finance News and was a lead engineer on the transition from XSL to PHP on other sections.

Yahoo! Media Platform (2007)

I worked with the internal platform team for globalization. This involved prototyping and participation in platform design and strategies.

Yahoo! Personal Finance (2006)

This was the first new section for Yahoo! Finance and introduced the new Maple platform. I was the lead front-end engineer for the platform-related tasks.

Yahoo! Tech (2005-7)

This was the first major property for Yahoo! and the first to use a new internal platform (Maple). This project required significant collaboration with the platform team.

Other Yahoo! Projects

  • Yahoo! Food, Answers, and Teachers
  • Localization of Yahoo in Canada, Turkey, and Romania
  • Presentation Packaging Group
  • Sub-Saharan Africa Technology Group
  • Media Internationalization Group
  • hRecipe microformat development
  • Guild of Accessible Web Developers
  • Yahoo! Mentorship Program


  • 2006 Recognized for outstanding achievement by the Yahoo! Media Group
  • 2007 nominated for Yahoo! Superstar as an individual
  • 2008 Yahoo! International Odyssey award for the Global Finance project
  • 2009 Yahoo! Golden Buzz award for creating an advertising event in Paris

Random Hacks of Kindness - 2009 - 2010

RHoK is a non-profit organization founded by multiple technology companies to solve humanity problems around the world. As a core team member I participate in strategy and event planning.

SAIC - 2005

SAIC has an enormous intranet built on static HTML pages. I was brought in to teach standards-based markup, build new templates, optimize performance, and ease the progression towards a new infrastructure.

CSA Travel Insurance - 2004-5

I led the front-end development of the e-commerce site’s transition to a new Java Struts platform and standards-based markup. I Managed the SEO and advertising campaigns.

San Diego Museum of Art - 1998-2004

I managed the construction of an award winning new site, launched new kiosks for the collections, a mobile gallery system, online store, donor campaigns, and represented the museum at international web conferences.

Palomar College – 1998 - 2005

Professor at one of the most prestigious photography schools in the country. Built online and CD based reference material for students and other teachers.


San Diego State University
Fine Art - Painting, Printmaking, Photography
BFA with honors
Palomar College
Photography AA
Radio and Telecommunications AA